Care Instructions

[Note that in the case of some delicate fabrics the following steps are not recommended, please contact Lyssy May if you are unsure].

Fabric bags are fabulously lightweight and as a popular accessory there may be a time to give your design a freshen up. Many of our customers have been using their Lyssy May bag for years!

  • It is recommended that any small marks that your bag may receive are spot removed with a damp cloth. We have found the most effective method is to use an alcohol wipe, such as a baby wipe.
  • As most of our designs are made from fashion fabrics in cottons and linen blends, a separate cool hand wash in a mild detergent is usually just what they need to spring back into action. It is also recommended for denim bags that you add some salt to the water although every effort is made to ensure that the fabrics used are colour fast and we pre-wash our denims.

  • Lie flat in the shade to dry.

  • If you have had a special occasion design made to order in a silk (for example), we can work with you on the best care instructions.

  • Avoiding any embellishments, a warm iron is best to keep the design in shape. 

  • Wash drawstring bags separately on the first wash and but every wash after that they can join the rest of your clothes in the machine.


Re-invigorate a well loved design

If you have a much loved Lyssy May design that could do with a refresh (such as new handles) or could be changed up in some way we can consult to see if it can have a mini-makeover. Email us with a photo and your thoughts!